SISC’s commitment to research and development has allowed us to introduce many advanced technologies placing us at the top of the reach-in refrigeration industry. From top to bottom, the SISC line of quality products is manufactured with;

Removable refrigeration system that is also known as DECK / CASSETTE provides complete refrigeration exchange from front of unit in less than five minutes without opening the door, allowing for substantial improved ease of maintenance, service and upgrade.

Highly efficient commercial refrigeration technology provides rapid product pull-down and recovery.

Completely front breathing refrigeration allows cabinet to be placed flush against wall saving valuable floor space, and making the cabinet enclosable at the top, rear and both sides (Counter-Tops are top breathing and can be enclosed at rear and both sides).

Advanced, efficient lighting design.

Precise metal fabrication and advanced assembly processes.

Premium insulated safety glass is 30% more efficient and 22% lighter than triple-pane.

Environmentally conscious refrigerant and insulated foam technology.

Unique air-flow patterns exceed stringent industry standards, achieving optimum cooling without compromising design, appearance or economy.

Cool, clean lines echoing a production excellence that can only mean SISC.