Model # SISCDDF42


Model # SISCDDF42

Nominal capacity in liters = 1200
Capacity in cans 355 ml = 1400
Outer Body Dimensions with castor wheels
Height x Width x Depth in CM (203x120x87.5)
Electrical supply: 220-230V/50Hz, 210-220V/60Hz

Product Description

Upright Double Door Stainless Steel & Glass Door Freezer

Model # SISCDDF42


No Imitations, SISC SW Models feature Commercial Grade Stainless Steel

Fronts and Sides.

Digital Controller, Freezers factory preset for -23°C (-10°F).

Low Energy, hot gas line Mullion Heater to Combat Condensation and Frost.

SISC Exclusive Automatic, Condensate Control System is Stainless Steel and


Energy-Saving, Time-Initiated, Temperature Terminated Defrost System with

Evaporator Fan Motor Delay During Defrost and Door Openings.

Freezer Grade, Auto Actuated Interior Lighting.

SISC Exclusive Self-Closing Swing Door.



ST      : Interior, Exterior body & door of stainless steel.

SW     : Interior white , Exterior body & door of stainless steel.

SWG  : Interior white , Exterior body stainless steel with glass door.

Brand Printing Area

Printing Area               :            3.6 m²


Nominal capacity in liters:         1200

Capacity in cans 355 ml:           1400

Number of front row cans:        14

Number of shelves:                   8

Thermostat setting range:           – 23 °C

Gross Weight:                           130Kgs

Refrigerant:                               R404a

Electrical supply:                       220-230V/50Hz, 210-220V/60Hz



Cabinet occupying floor area:     1.1 m²

Outer Body Dimensions with Castor Wheels

Height x Width x Depth in CM   (203x120x87.5)


Loading Capacity

20 Ft. Container           :           08 cabinets

40 Ft. Container           :           18 cabinets

12 Mt trailer Truck       :           18 cabinets

15 Mt trailer Truck       :           22 cabinets